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Raw Materials for Glass Lined Equipment

Steel Plates
All of the steel plates and other steels that Taiji glass-lined equipment uses are from China well known steel plants such as Baosteel Group, Jinan Iron and Steel Group, etc. The steels are made to strict standards and meet our requirements for thickness and quality.

High Performance Enamel
The TJ09 enamel for glass lining is independently developed by Taiji, combining the German and US technologies. It boasts a notably high performance that has reached an international advanced level. For example, our vitreous enamel comes with excellent resistance to acidic and alkaline medium, mechanical shock and sharp temperature variation. Proven by strict test, it can resist the corrosion by all organic and inorganic acids, organic solvents and weak base except hydrofluoric acid and strong phosphoric acid. TAIJI enamel adopts world leading electric furnace sintering process with precise compounding and strict quality control, thus completely glass lining quality can be completely assured.

Corrosion Curve Chart
The corrosion curves in the charts show the typical corrosivity of acidic and alkaline medium. As the corrosion rate is less than 0.1mm/year, it means the medium has very weak corrosion on the glass lining. So, it is recommended. When the corrosion rate is within 0.1~0.2mm/year, the corrosion can not be neglected. Regular inspection has to be done to see how far has the glass lining been corroded. As the corrosion rate is more than 0.2mm/year, the medium has serious corrosion to to the glass lining and thereby is not recommended.

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