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Developing History

June, 1972
Mr. Fu Qi'en, the father of Taiji's president Mr. Fu Guangsheng, led the people of his town to produce the first batch of glass-lined equipment in China.

September, 1986
Mr. Fu Guangsheng at twenty-four years old started to manage the glass-lined equipment enterprise.

December, 1989
Zibo Taihe Industrial Enamel Factory, the predecessor of Taiji, was founded.

September, 1993
The 19 shareholders of Taiji officially ran a business to produce glass-lined equipment.

June, 1994
Zibo Taiji Industrial Enamel Co., Ltd. was founded and the key employees were all engaged in design and manufacture of glass-lined equipment and parts since 1977.

October, 1995
Taiji acquired the qualification to design and manufacture National Class I, II Pressure Vessels.

December, 1997
Among Chinese manufacturers, we became the first to obtain ASME certificate and national import and export License.

October, 1998
We developed agents in America, Brazil, Russia, India, and other countries, and extensively exported our glass-lined equipment.

October, 1999
Taiji obtained ISO9001 certificate, and was known for the first company in the glass lining industry in China to get that.

March, 2000
We independently developed the technology for making large sized glass-lined equipment.

August, 2001
We exported to Japan a large number of non-standard glass-lined equipment. Despite short time limit, we still realized on-time delivery and passed strict quality inspection.

September, 2003
Taiji invested 30million RMB to build the TAIJI industrial park of over 140,000m2, and put it into use. The same year, the domestic leading glass-line equipment production lines were put into use.

November, 2003
We obtained the design and manufacture license for National Class III pressure vessels, and became the leading glass-lined products manufacturer in China.

May, 2004
Taiji got more than 30 patents and was rated as the Shandong Star Enterprise.

July, 2005
Taiji spent 20millon RMB to build the patented electrical furnace which could be applied to glass lining of 100,000L equipment.

December, 2006
Taiji got the title of the Shandong Famous Brand for the glass-lined equipment.

January, 2007
The first 80,000L glass-lined steel tank was manufactured in Taiji.

February, 2007
We obtained PED certificate and started to explore European market.

March, 2008
Taiji equipment was exported to 23 countries and areas across the globe.

May, 2008
We developed TJ09 enamel which met the international standard in resistance to acid and alkaline medium.

August, 2008
Invested 120million RMB to buy and build more than 120 sets of high-grade houses and 200 sets of 4-Star dorms for employee benefits.

March, 2009
Taiji became a municipal level management demonstration enterprise in Zibo City.

September, 2009
We were the first among Chinese glass-lined equipment makers to get ISO14001 certificate.

June, 2010
World famous glass-lined equipment manufacturers visited Taiji.

September, 2010
The company spent over 60 billion RMB to buy more than 30 houses in Sanya for employees' vacation.

February, 2012
Tax amount exceeded 20 million RMB.

December, 2014
Over 1,000 staff including 300 technicians worked in Taiji. Net asset reached 500 million RMB. The annual output of our glass-lined equipment was higher than the sum of that of dozens of competitors in Zibo City.

March, 2015
Invested around 50million RMB (about 8million USD) to build workshops for production of stainless steel pressure vessels and high-end non-standard glass-lined equipment.

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