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Taiji is the first enterprise in Chinese glass lining industry to pass the ISO14001 certification test. Its greening environment is like a garden, with birds' twittering and fragrance of flowers. Clean production environment guarantees superior product quality. In years of development, we have been striving to build a harmonious and employee oriented corporate culture.

1. Staff Life
“Work hard at work and enjoy life after work” is what Taiji purses. Taiji attaches great importance to staff's life. It deems staff as family members, providing them with first-class working environment, high standard staff canteen, comfortable apartments and recreational sports facilities. It makes the staff feel the warmth of Taiji family.
In 2006, the company invested more than 80 million RMB to build the staff apartments of about 60,000 square meters. Each person has a room of 50 square meters. Television, Internet, bathroom, bed cabinet, air conditioning, heating, and chairs are available. The living area is also equipped with a 3D movie theater, a small supermarket, children's playground, health clinic, chess room, gym, table tennis room, billiards room, badminton hall, basketball court, outdoor fitness equipment, etc. Various cultural and sports activities are held to enrich staff's life.

2. Talents Strategy
Taiji also pays more attention to the training of management and technical personnel. We have invested 60 million RMB to provide each of our main mangers and engineers and technicians with a 160m2 high-grade urban house. Each person is granted with high-end car, home decoration and 60-inch high-grade TV. Provisions are also stipulated for cadre and technical staff who can take free vocation after retirement in the Sanya Health Resort invested by Taiji. Reimbursements of airline tickets and other expenses are provided. A series of policies encourage our employees to love the company and unite as one. The responsibility of staff guarantees the high-quality glass lining equipment and services of Taiji.

3. Customer First
Customer First, Never Cheat! For over decades, the majority of former customers have witnessed Taiji's development history and enjoyed our integrity services. They always support Taiji, regardless of the situations. Taiji's new customers are also growing increasingly.

  • Staff are playing Tai Chi
  • Factory celebration show
  • Martial art training
  • Taiji scholarship for university students
  • Taiji Chorus
  • Staff living quarter
  • A view of staff apartment area
  • Vacation in Sanya
  • Staff GYM
  • Children playground
  • Staff apartment
  • High-grade housing for key employees

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