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Manway Cover for Glass-Lined Reactor

As a leading provider of glass-lined equipment and process equipment parts, Taiji offers a wide range of reactor accessories to ensure safe containment of hazardous chemicals in the reactor and high operator safety, as well as improved processing efficiency and product quality. Here you will find our superior manway cover solutions designed for glass-lined reactors. They ensure safe operation and ease of opening and cleaning.

Product Gallery
  • Manway Cover
  • Manway Cover with Sintered Sight Glass

1. Manway Cover with Protection Ring and Spring Assisted Opening Device
This manway cover system can be easily installed on the top of glass-lined reactors. Spring device enables the cover to be easily opened and closed. Protection ring protects the manhole from wear and damage when feeding.

2. Manway Cover with Sight Glass
The glass-lined reactor manway cover is an upgraded product. It is more suitable for the reactor using CIP cleaning system. We integrate the sight glass into the cover by means of high temperature sintering. This makes it easier to clean the sight glass. The manway cover is more convenient to be opened due to a quick opening device.

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