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Speed Reducer for Glass-Lined Reactor

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  • Cycloidal Speed Reducer
  • Helical Gear Speed Reducer
  • AHelical Gear Speed Reducer
  • Helical Gear Speed Reducer

Taiji offers a selection of cycloidal speed reducer and helical gear speed reducer for glass lined reactors.

1. Cyclocidal Speed Reducer
This type of speed reducer is featured by high transmission efficiency, exceptional stability, low noise, compact structure, reliable operation and long service life etc. Our glass-lined reactor employs this transmission device and is fitted with different power models according to the equipment capacities.

Technical Parameter
Reducer Speed Reactor
i =11 i =17 i =23
0.75 BLD-1 130 85 63 50L -100L
1.1 BLD-1 130 85 63 200L
3 BLD-2 130 85 63 300L -800L
4 BLD-3 130 85 63 1000L -2000L
5.5 BLD-3/4 130 85 63 2500L -5000L
7.5 BLD-4 130 85 - 3000L -6300L
11 BLD-4 130 85 - 8000L
11 BLD-5 130 85 - 10000L
15 BLD-5 130 85 - 12500L
18.5 BLD-6 130 85 - 15000L -20000L

2. Helical Gear Speed Reducer
With optimized and modular design, the worm gear reducer features compact size, light weight, large transmission torque, smooth and stable start, fine gear ratio grading, etc. According to customers' requirements, it can be installed at the different positions on the glass lined reactor. Gear is made of superior high strength alloy steel with surface carburizing and hardening treatment, ensuring strong bearing capacity and notable durability.

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