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Glass-Lined Agitator with Removable Blade

Taiji has developed a wide range of glass-lined agitators with removable blades. They are specially designed to handle the problem that glass-lined agitator is not easy to be changed. This type of glass lined steel agitator will maximize your process flexibility by allowing agitator blades to be installed, removed and changed to various types without having to open the cover of reactor. There, the mechanical seal of the reactor is not disturbed and maintenance costs are thereby lowered. It is especially suitable for the closed type glass-lined reactors.

Product Gallery
  • Various Glass-Lined Agitator Blades
  • CBT Turbine Type
  • TBF Propeller Type
  • PBI Pitched Blade Turbine Type
  • VBT Straight Blade Turbine Type
  • MIG Curved Blade Turbine Type
  • VDT Disk Turbine Type
  • ANC Anchor Type
  • CBT+TBF Combination Type

Installation Principle
Feed nitrogen into the agitator shaft. According to thermal expansion and contraction principle, the shaft will be contracted at the extremely low temperature and thereby allow the agitator blade to be easily fitted on it. As the temperature returns to normal, the shaft expands and is tightly coupled with the blade.

Blade Types
This kind of glass lined agitator comes in multi blade types including CBT turbine blade, TBF propeller blade, PBT pitched blade, VBT straight blade, MIG curved blade, VDT disk turbine blade, ANC anchor blade, CBT+TBF combination, etc.

Blending And
Heat Transfer
Emulsification Suspension Gas Dispersion High Viscosity Low-Level Mixing
CBT Excellent Good Good Adequate Adequate Excellent
TBF Excellent Adequate Good Adequate Good Adequate
PBT Excellent Good Excellent Adequate Good Adequate
VBT Good Excellent Adequate Adequate Adequate Adequate
MIG Excellent Good Good Adequate Adequate Adequate
VDT Good Good Good Excellent Adequate Adequate
ANC Adequate Poor Adequate Poor Good Good
CBT+TBF Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent
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