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Glass-Lined Storage Tank

Here at Taiji, we are proud to offer global customers a selection of K type, F type and horizontal type glass lined storage tanks. They are specially designed for storing organic solvents including acids, alcohols, gases, etc. The glass lined storage vessels from Taiji are complete in specifications, and provide strong resistance to corrosion, less prone to glass fracture, notable durability and many other advantages.

As the premier manufacturer of large sized glass lined storage tanks in China, Taiji boasts proven technologies in this glass lined equipment. The largest chemical storage tank with glass lining that we make reaches a capacity of 10,0000L.

The Largest Glass-Lined Storage Tank in China Made by Taiji

    1. Glass-Lined Storage Tank, K Type

      The K type glass lined storage tank features an open-type design. That means the cover and tank body are assembled using clamps and gasket, and they can be separated. This design ensures ease of maintenance and makes it convenient to replace parts.

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