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Horizontal Glass-Lined Storage Tank

For large volume storage purposes, our horizontal glass lined storage tank is a preferred choice. This horizontal storage tank is specially designed to store a large capacity of corrosive materials from 3000L to 80000L. According to different capacities, it offers different model selections including W3000L, W4000L, W5000L, W6300L, W8000L, W10000L, W12500L, W16000L, W20000L, W30000L, W40000L, W50000L and W80000L. These are standard glass lined storage tanks that we can supply. Aside from that, we also design and manufacture non-standard products based on your specifications.

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In addition to large volumes, the horizontal type glass lined storage vessels from Taiji are characterized by strong corrosion resistance, reliable quality, stable and not-easy-to-break glass lining and superior durability.

Technical Parameters of the Glass Lined Storage Tank
Design Drawing
Inner Vessel
Design Pressure
Design Temperature
( ℃ )
-19 ℃ /150℃
Symbol Usage
a1, a2, a3, a4 Level Gauge Hole
b Medium Inlet
c, d Spare
e Manhole
f Medium Outlet
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