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Glass-Lined Reactor

Glass lined reactor is an outstanding anti-corrosion chemical reaction vessel. It is engineered from different steel lined with a layer of vitreous enamel with high density silicon dioxide. The vitreous enamel is firstly coated on the internal face of the steel vessel and then firmly adhered to it through high temperature sintering. As a result, the lining comes with both the stability of glass and the intensity of metal.

At Taiji, as one of the premier glass lined equipment manufacturers in the world, we offer a wide range of glass lined reactors which are available in K-type, F-type and electric heating type. Our glass lined steel reactors are widely applied in the industrial processes of chemical, petroleum, pharmaceutical, pesticides, food, dye, etc. They are ideal for hydrolyzing, neutralizing, crystallizing, mixing, emulsifying and other reactions.

    1. Glass-Lined Reactor, F Type

      The F type glass lined reactor comes with a one-piece design that the cover and body can not be separated. Due to that, a manhole has to be designed on the head of the reactor to make it easy for operators to enter the reactor to carry out maintenance and parts replacement.

Main Features
1. The glass lined reactors manufactured by Taiji are featured by high corrosion and impact resistance, striking appearance, strong heat insulating performance, excellent wear resistance, etc.
2. Using the T109 high performance vitreous enamel that is independently developed combining German and American technology, our glass lined reactors are leading the industry in acid and alkali resistance as well as heat, pressure and mechanical impact resistance.
3. With sheer reliability, durability and less prone to liner facture, the chemical reactors from Taiji win unanimous praise among domestic and overseas users.
4. Taiji produces more than 10,000 sets of standard glass lined reactors that come in complete specifications.
5. Based on customers' process requirements, we also design and manufacture non-standard reactors.
6. Open type and close type reactors are available.

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